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🌈【NASA endorsement】SnowAssassin™ Portable superconducting kinetic energy molecular heater - Made in the USA

🌈【NASA endorsement】SnowAssassin™ Portable superconducting kinetic energy molecular heater - Made in the USA

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Experts are calling this an unprecedented energy crisis, and people are considering alternative solutions to brace for the upcoming frigid winter.

With dwindling natural gas supplies and soaring prices, concerns about the inability to heat homes are becoming more palpable each day. At this time of year, natural gas prices are more than ten times higher than usual.

As a result, people are scrambling to find a way to prevent freezing in what's expected to be a record-breaking cold winter. "For many Americans, the worry of being unable to afford home heating costs is becoming more real by the day."

To make matters worse, Americans are grappling with a historical inflation rate of 9.1%. It's a "perfect storm," with each situation poised to make this winter's home heating costs higher than ever before.

Solve indoor heating and vehicle snow removal challenges in 5 minutes! The SnowAssassin™ Portable Superconducting Kinetic Molecular Heater is undoubtedly the savior of this winter! And it saves you a fortune in electricity and energy costs!

Brad Dotson submitted photos of his car journey using the SnowAssassin™ Portable Superconducting Kinetic Molecular Heater Congratulations on your success!

“This is hands down the best shopping experience I've ever had! I ordered these de-icing gadgets two weeks ago, and they processed my order right away. They shipped from California, and I could track the real-time logistics on my phone, which gave me peace of mind. In chilly Chicago, my Toyota SUV needed these my Toyota SUV needed these Portable Kinetic Molecular Heater.. They come equipped with a temperature sensor, automatically kicking in when the temperature drops too low, so no manual operation is needed. This means no more scraping ice and frost off my windshield and windows. While my neighbors are out battling snowstorms to clear snow from their cars, I'm grateful I invested in these de-icers. What I particularly love is the robust defrosting effect they provide on my windshield, especially when driving at night, significantly enhancing safety and visibility. A fantastic product that I'll wholeheartedly recommend to everyone!”

As the electricity prices have been skyrocketing, my meager pension couldn't keep up with the rising costs of heating. I decided to give this de-icer a try. It's rechargeable and solar-powered, helping me save a significant amount on heating and snow removal expenses each year. When the temperature drops too low, it quickly raises my room from 10°F to 72°F within 5 minutes. This de-icer actually covers my entire apartment. After a heavy snowstorm, my roof was covered in snow, so I turned it on. Two hours later, the snow on my roof and in front of my door had melted away, eliminating the need for dangerous rooftop work. It's incredibly safe and runs quieter than my air purifier, ensuring it doesn't disrupt my sleep. I've only had it for three days, but I've already fallen in love with it. - Judy Fecko

Harms of Snowy Weather to Houses and Cars:

For Houses:

  • Increased Heating Costs: More energy is required to keep the interior warm, leading to a significant rise in heating expenses.
  • Pipe Freezing: Uninsulated pipes may freeze, leading to disruption of water supply, and even burst pipes.
  • Decreased Indoor Air Quality: Overreliance on heating can dry out the indoor air, impacting health.
  • Increased Roof Load: Accumulated snow can put heavy pressure on roofs, potentially causing structural damage.
  • Blocked Ventilation: Snow can obstruct ventilation outlets and chimneys, possibly increasing the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

For Cars:

  • Increased Safety Risks When Driving: Snow and ice make the roads slippery, increasing the risk of accidents.
  • Difficulty Starting: Low temperatures affect battery and starting system performance.
  • Time-Consuming De-icing: Car owners need to remove accumulated snow and ice from their vehicles.
  • Reduced Visibility: Snowfall and fog reduce the driver’s field of vision.
  • Impaired Braking Performance: Snow and ice can extend braking distances.
  • Increased Fuel Consumption: More energy is needed to keep the vehicle running and comfortable during winter.
  • Accelerated Vehicle Wear: Road salt for melting ice can corrode the car body.
  • Tire Issues: Low temperatures can lead to reduced tire pressure and increased wear.
  • Interior Humidity and Frost: Moisture and frost can affect driving visibility.
  • Aging of Components: Low temperatures and humidity can accelerate the aging of rubber parts.

For Human Health:

  • Reduced Immunity: Cold weather can suppress the body's immune system functions, making individuals more susceptible to viruses and bacteria.
  • Increased Cardiovascular Stress: Lower temperatures in winter can cause blood vessels to constrict, raising blood pressure and increasing the risk of heart disease and stroke.
  • Respiratory System Issues: Cold air can irritate the respiratory tract, easily leading to asthma and other respiratory diseases.
  • Exacerbated Joint Pain: Cold weather may worsen inflammation and pain in the joints.
  • Skin Issues: Cold, dry air can cause the skin to become dry, itchy, or even cracked.

Fortunately, there is an extraordinary solution now available - the SnowAssassin™ Portable superconducting kinetic energy molecular heater! It can keep your home warm and prevent roof snow buildup. You can also place it in your vehicle to prevent freezing and being buried under snow.

How does the SnowAssassin™ Portable Superconducting Kinetic Molecular Heater tackle these wintertime issues?

 It's all thanks to NASA and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Molecular Materials Laboratory, and their groundbreaking achievement with LK-99 superconductive materials:

The temperature on the surface of Mars ranges from -20°C to -80°C. In such an extreme environment, the Mars rover Perseverance could easily freeze. But it doesn't, and that's because of the NASA-designed LK-99 superconductive material. It's the powerhouse behind our  SnowAssassin™ Portable Superconducting Kinetic Molecular Heater.
LK-99 is not just any run-of-the-mill superconductive material that exists at standard conditions. Its unique zero-resistance energy-conduction properties have injected an unprecedented 98% energy efficiency into our SnowAssassin™ Portable Superconducting Kinetic Molecular Heater. That's why it only requires 10% of the energy to achieve the same efficiency as conventional large heating devices.

Key Technologies of the Kinetic Molecular Anti-freeze Heater:

With the support of LK-99 superconductive materials, our SnowAssassin™ Portable Superconducting Kinetic Molecular Heater, constructed with aluminum-lithium alloy, combines its active electrons with the kinetic energy of air molecules. This interaction, facilitated by composite electromagnetic fields, ensures indoor comfort and prevents snow and ice build-up in vehicle homes:

  • Through superconductive material control and a dual-ring suspension system designed by NASA, it provides both heating and temperature maintenance. When activated, these dual rings set molecules into rotational motion. This movement increases the kinetic energy of air molecules, generating heat and ultimately controlling the temperature at around 70-75°F. Compared to traditional heating devices, our SnowAssassin™ Portable Superconducting Kinetic Molecular Heater creates warmth that feels more like a cozy embrace, without that oven-like sensation.
  • The electromagnetic energy and active electrons in the composite frequency range efficiently penetrate insulation materials in roofs and vehicles. They act on the ice and snow in contact with the roof and vehicle, increasing the kinetic energy of water molecules, which rapidly melts the surface ice and snow. This unique composite frequency range has only subtle effects on water molecule movement, ensuring it's radiation-free and poses no harm to vehicle materials or human health.

    Furthermore, during the electrical process, it releases negative ions, attracting tiny particles, dust, pollen, and other pollutants in the air, purifying it. At the same time, the subtle magnetic field emitted by LK-99 superconductive materials effectively repels insects and mosquitoes, creating a peaceful, comfortable, and healthy living environment for you.

    What makes The SnowAssassin™ Portable Superconducting Kinetic Molecular Heater the best choice?

    • NASA-Authorized Space-Age Technology, Highly Efficient, and Energy-Saving: Thanks to NASA's space-era technology, it boasts an energy efficiency 98% higher than traditional heaters, helping you save a significant amount on winter electricity and energy bills. It's also highly efficient in charging and offers extended battery life.

    • Automatic Superconductive Thermal Control: When the temperature drops below 32°F, it automatically senses and activates. In just 5 minutes, it provides 360° all-around heating for your indoor and in-car spaces, maintaining a constant, comfortable 70-75°F without manual adjustments.
    • Roof Snow Removal Safety: Bid farewell to dangerous rooftop snow removal tasks. Easily penetrating insulation layers, it swiftly and precisely removes snow from your roof, eliminating safety hazards.
    • Vehicle Anti-Icing: The perfect solution for vehicle heating, it offers safe heating and anti-icing for parked and moving vehicles, enhancing vehicle performance and extending its lifespan while reducing the risk of accidents.
    • Safety Assurance: Radiation-free and non-disruptive to your vehicle and indoor electronic devices, it has only a minimal impact on the activity of airborne water molecules. It has no adverse effects on humans, vehicle materials, or plants and animals.Runs almost silently
    • Air Purification and Mosquito Repellent: Not only does it keep you warm, but it also purifies the air and repels those pesky mosquitoes.
    • Stylish, User-Friendly, and Versatile: With its stylish design, straightforward setup, and portability, it's an ideal choice for home heating, vehicle heating, workshop use, office setup, outdoor gatherings, and adventurous journeys.

      Practical and stylish car accessories

      The SnowAssassin™ Portable Superconducting Kinetic Molecular Heater when applied to your vehicle, utilizes kinetic energy generated by rotation to prevent water molecules from freezing and generates comfortable heat. During the cold winter months, when it detects the air temperature dropping too low, it automatically activates. Leveraging cutting-edge aerospace technology, it promptly melts the snow and ice covering your car. With it, you won't need to search for your vehicle in the snow on chilly mornings. It can be powered through either solar energy or fast USB charging, and just 15 minutes of charging can store enough energy for a month's use. The easy-to-install base makes it suitable for all vehicle types, whether it's a luxury sedan, an off-road SUV, an economy car, or even a motorhome, the SnowAssassin™ Portable Superconducting Kinetic Molecular Heater Device can be easily attached to any vehicle.

      Thanks to the portability of the SnowAssassin™ Portable Superconducting Kinetic Molecular Heater, it can extend from your car to your home, providing all-around warmth within 600 square feet of your home in under 5 minutes. You can rely on it to ensure your home has a warm temperature in winter, saving you significant annual electricity costs. It also helps you avoid costly repair expenses caused by roof damage, house collapse, interior leaks, and other issues due to roof snow accumulation.

      The SnowAssassin™ Portable Superconducting Kinetic Molecular Heater is not only portable and aesthetically pleasing but also comes with two power supply modes: solar power and fast USB charging. It provides an economically efficient solution, allowing you to fully charge it in 2 hours in ample sunlight or quickly charge it in 15 minutes by connecting to a power source. A single charge can last for 1 month. It not only offers you efficient and safe heating but also contributes to a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

      Customers' lives have changed after using the SnowAssassin™ Portable Superconducting Kinetic Molecular Heater:

      I bought this product just in time for the first (of many!) snows and ice in Erie, PA - a few days before it arrived we already had a thick layer of ice on our handlebars and The windshield was also frozen. By the end of the day, there was a thick layer of ice on top. We then had to work in the parking lot for over half an hour. This de-icer can melt almost any ice cube without any effort required. It's also wide enough to cover the rear doors and rear windows, leaving no annoying ice patches anywhere. Great product! highly recommended! (As someone who moved from Florida who moved up north, this works wonders! This has to be one of the best investments I've ever made especially since my old car tends to get icy real quick)

       --⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Michigan, Jordan Jones

      After becoming pregnant, I became much more sensitive to the cold. Our previous heating system would make the indoors uncomfortably hot and dry, intensifying the mood swings that are quite common during pregnancy. My husband tried various solutions, and he finally came across the SnowAssassin™ Portable superconducting kinetic energy molecular heater . It not only provides comfortable warmth but also releases negative ions, which act as a natural air purifier, making the air feel fresh and invigorating.

      Moreover, these negative ions have a soothing effect on the mood. They helped relax my nerves and reduce the anxiety I was experiencing. This winter, I no longer feel anxious or uncomfortable. I can now better enjoy the journey of pregnancy and eagerly anticipate the arrival of our new addition.

       --⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐London, Caleb Austin


        The SnowAssassin™ Portable Superconducting Kinetic Molecular Heater

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